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Re: DXO 9 all the way

gphome wrote:

In wouldnt bother with a DAM if your only shooting as a hobby, it sounds great but you can only access your pictures on the PC the software is installed on in the case of lightroom. I have everything in a windows file system on my home network and my wife can view access photos easily using her tablet, laptop or TV. DXO works by saving a little configuration file next to the image in tour windows file structure, much easier and this allows you to try multiple RAW converters if they follow the same principle (photo ninja does the same for example)

Forgive me, but that whole first statement seems off to me. Lightroom catalogs images for you, it doesn't modify your directory structure unless you ask it to. The files are still on the disk in the same way as they are when viewing through Olympus Viewer or Aftershot or anything else for that matter.

Where people get confused, is that LR wants to keep its knowledge of where your photos are and has no knowledge in its database of what you do outside of its interface. My file structure is and always has been "<Drive>>Photos>Camera>Year>Date" by default. Therefore, I set Lightroom to import into that structure, automatically creating the "Year>Date" sub-folders for me as required. If I didn't use Lightroom, but happened to use some other program to import into that structure in a similar form then, I'd just let Lightroom do an in-place import after the fact. What's the downside?

On the subject of using other programs to manage your photo file structure: If, for example, In the operating system I were to change a folder with a date of "04/04/2013" to "Scotland April 2013", and had previously pointed LR to the date format, it would obviously lose connection to the images in the "04/04/2013" folder because it no-longer exists, I would have to tell the LR where they were again (which is a very simple action). However, if I rename the folder as above within Lightroom then it does the OS bit for me and everyone's happy.

Therefore, from my perspective, by committing to using Lightroom as the designers intended, I get all the extra image handling and cataloging for free and can still use FastStone just as before.

Lightroom can drop xmp side-car files too



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