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Re: Tinted glasses.

bowportes wrote:

WCguy wrote:

bowportes wrote:

You can also find comparison images and analysis of the OM1 and X-T1 at

Great review, both pros and cons , thanks for the link. WC

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De nada. I found it had an interesting set of comparison images... The X-T1 comes out shining.

Well, when compared in JPEG and Oly 12-50 vs Fuji 18-55, last one wins because of 1) better jpeg engine 2) Fuji 18-55 is way better lens, Oly 12-50 is mediocre, and also at f5.6 diffraction makes more significant hit in m4/3 images. They should've make comparison with 12-40/2.8, I think.

But if you'll take a notice in RAW, with good prime lens, Olympus is noisier, but recover way more details - look how Fuji images are blurry in comparison (even with f8 - more diffraction in Olympus images). So, Fuji. seems to me, applies some  kind of NR in their "RAW" files, or maybe Adobe process them awfully. I think both of this statement are true.

So, at the end, Olympus loses about 0.7 stop in ISO noise performance (and shutter speed is 1/3 faster), and require more PP work than Fuji.

If somebody don't want to bother with PP software - Fuji is way to go, SOOC images are fantastic.

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