G6 vs newest sensors: Real difference in high ISO noize

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Re: G6 vs newest sensors: Real difference in high ISO noize

arbuz wrote:

texinwien wrote:

Electriq wrote:

I think this kind of plot is useful (if real ISO is measured correctly). Because if you compare two cameras in real conditions, on the same conditions with the same scene lightness, lens f setting and exposure G6 will set ISO 6400 and E-M5 ISO 12800 which corresponds to real 6400.

That is incorrect. If the G6 sets ISO 6400, the E-M5 will also set ISO 6400 (or something very close to it, assuming all else remains equal).

Or alternatively, if we set ISO 6400 on both cameras, the exposure on E-M5 will be 2 times longer.

That is also incorrect. If we set ISO 6400 on both cameras, the exposures will be roughly equal on both cameras, again, aotbe.

Looking at samples on imaging resource I would say you're incorrect and electriq is right.

You'd be wrong. Care to share your imaging-resource samples? Before you spend too much time gathering samples, you should know that many of Imaging-Resource's Nikon EXIF exposure numbers are incorrect, so if you're comparing against a Nikon EXIFs from I-R, you're wasting your time. If you have other evidence, I'd be interested in seeing it. I've seen a number of people make the claim you are over the past year and a half, but no one's been able to back it up with evidence, yet...

Do you have anything to support your version or you simply speculate?

Plenty - I've compared a number of EXIFs from studio shots taken by a number of professional review sites. I've also talked with people who've performed their own comparison tests, and I have performed my own comparison tests - in absolutely no case of which I am aware did the evidence point to anything other than the conclusion I have stated here. Then there's this, from DPReview:

By our tests, the E-M5's measured sensitivities are about 1/3 stop lower than indicated across the ISO range.

DPReview claims the metering is about 1/3 stop off (as opposed to a full stop, which Electriq is claiming, and which you seem to be agreeing with).

I'm not aware of anyone else who has confirmed that the metering is off by 1/3 stop, as DPReview claims, and I am aware of a few who have tested and found that there is no discrepancy in the metering (don't have a link handy, but Anders W performed some of the tests and shared the results here).

Also, if you're right,

I am right.

Oly should have exceptional DR (since by default it loses 1EV by brightening up), however this is not supported by any evidence.

This final statement of yours is far too imprecise to warrant a reply.

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