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Re: Importance of gear ...

deednets wrote:

bruxi wrote:

Learning the principles of light or post processing will give you 100x better photos than a new body or lens.

Gear is the sad crutch of the lazy, vision-less photographer.

100x? is that a fact?

I take it you have good lighting?

I agree regarding a "new" body! I am not sure where this "new" comes into this, I was asking about the correlation between gear, then confidence then better photos - or not. Clearly you think there is nothing in it for you, right?

So you would go onto an Alaska photoshoot with an iPHONE? Or a G10? Regardless, because gear doesn't matter? And compensate with knowledge, light and PP?

I think you might be going a long way with this attitude, but I am not sure where this "new" equals vison-less comes from?


Yeah, that's a pretty broad brush to paint photographers with. I choose gear or format for the project. My vision includes an understanding of the best tool (or gear) to give me the final output I want. That could be an iPhone, a DSLR, a Hasselblad, or even a view camera.

An example: if I want an 8x10 contact print I have to use my 8x10 camera and compose everything perfectly on the ground glass. There is no cropping or correcting afterwards. My set up for contact prints involves a bare bulb hanging from our bathroom ceiling and 3-7 seconds of light. No dodging. No buring. No post processing. The vision has to be there when I trip the shutter, there is no going back. And the result (hopefully, not always) is a perfect 8x10 fiber print. To do this I need the correct gear. I can't do that with my Hasselblad, my iPhone, or my Nikon DSLR. So yes, gear is important to me. And no I'm not lazy.

If bruxi wants to rely on post processing (light? of course!) that's his thing. Some people (not me, I post process like everyone else normally) would consider that a "sad crutch of the lazy, vision-less photographer."

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