Is image stabilization really the stuff?

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Re: Is image stabilization really the stuff?

For me, IS is most useful for hand holding medium to long lenses in good light. It's not a substitute for a tripod, nor can it be substituted for by stratospheric sensitivity settings. It's a rather pointed tool, to be taken advantage of when available and in the right circumstances.

Never had it when I was shooting 35mm film, and didn't have ISO 6400 then either. Not having didn't stop me from making a lot of satisfying photos in very low light, or others from doing wonderful wildlife and sports work with long lenses.

One area where good IS is a very useful tool is in doing video with light, hand-held cameras. The Olympus E-M1's IS is particularly good in that endeavor, eliminating a lot of the need for cumbersome steady-cam equipment.

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