A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

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Re: White orbs

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Re: White Orbs issue now on Sony A7?

- continued from "Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor."


Fuji X10 issue re-visited?

Light leaks I think is very minor and probably applies to most cameras at the extremes people are going to find it.....dark room, 30seconds and iso 25600????

I guess it would not have been as visible on cameras that do not go to iso 25600 in the past...I suspect other cameras will start seeing this soon....when people look.

I find the white orb thing interesting on the other hand.....I have no idea on what causes it but I do think some of what people are seeing (not all) is the light with the orb may not be in focus.

Orbs are VERY easy to see with the A7 EVF with (say) a fast 50mm lens as you look at a light and focus in on it....my Canon 50 1.2L either side of focus has HUGE white globs that greatly diminish with focus....

It became a HUGE issue with the X10 a couple of years ago, Neil. If you examine the examples here you may understand why it became such an issue. People demanding their money back from Fuji, etc. Then there was a firmware update which was supposed to fix it but didn't. Finally Fuji modified the sensor they were using and the orbs went away. I have one of the new ones...damn fine camera now!



We're not talking about Fuji-like orbs are we? I thought this "orb" was the extra reflections that appear in bright specular regions which incidentally I'm seeing quite often on the television these days.

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