ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: TZ60 vs LF1 vs LX7 @ 10MP

I am not sure why you consider these as alternatives. Then of course with the TZ40 being unable to switch the touch screen off there is a problem with us left eye dominant people taking pictures with our nose with a corner viewfinder.

Probably the cost of rewriting the firmware coupled with the cost of the viewfinder did make it an alternative. One poster said with a great deal of truth that camera firmware is pretty well cast in stone so presumably touch screen had to go.

One irritation with the TZ40 is that metering mode which I like to have accessible is buried in page 3 of the menu as far as I have found. Is it any easier to change it with the TZ60? It does show the problems in developing firmware that tabbing pages seems to defeat many camera makers and it means wading down pages and pages of options with just the cursor or a dial.

Ianperegian wrote:

Yes Daniel, the ZS40 apparently isn’t far off being shipped.

Another “mini-review” of the TZ60 has just appeared: http://tech.uk.msn.com/cameras/panasonic-lumix-tz60-review.

The reviewer is obviously a big fan of touchscreens, and he would prefer a touchscreen to an EVF. I’m not sure that many people on the forum would agree with that.

He says ”the picture quality is generally excellent” but unfortunately he hasn’t posted any actual sample images so others can judge that for themselves, which is a pity.


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