G6 vs newest sensors: Real difference in high ISO noize

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Re: G6 vs newest sensors: Real difference in high ISO noize

Electriq wrote:

Hi there! I'm interesting in the real difference in noise at high ISO (3200, 6400) between Panasonic G6 and cameras with the last generation sensors (GX7, GH3, E-M1, etc.).

Most reviewers write that G6 is about 1 stop worse, so G6 ISO 3200 has the same noise as GX7 ISO 6400.

But I mentioned that DXOmark gives about the same 'low-light ISO': G6 639, GX7 718 (only 10% difference). And if we look at '18% SNR' plot, we will see that the measured ISO for latest sensor is significantly lower than specified, so I suppose the real exposure at the same ISO will be longer than with G6 and you need to further increase ISO.

So the question is for those who have used G6 and a camera with the latest sensor: Is the difference significant for you? Both JPEG and RAW answers are interesting.


G6 is actually newer than the E-M5 and GH3.

I had a 12mp EPL2 and was happy to use it at ISO 3200 if I had to, though would rather not...I would think the G6 would be better than the EPL2.

The GX7 is fine at ISO 3200.

Pretty much all cameras these days (and for last few years) are ok at iso 3200 and I would rather make a choice on other things than ISO in m4/3.


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