rebuttal to Reichmann

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rebuttal to Reichmann

Reichmann lists two critical exposure faults with the XT1 in this article:

He couches his arguments with 'in his style of shooting'. Before I say anything else, I want to acknowledge that his criticisms are totally valid within that caveat.

However, it can be argued that one of his criticisms can be mitigated by using a different shooting style.

In his article he referred to a situation whereby he starts shooting his girlfriend and an amazing scene of Canada geese fly into view. He then goes on to explain how a global custom setting change (a feature commonly available on other cameras) would allow him go from shooting his girlfriend to seamlessly setting up for flying geese. The sexy XT1, he says, has an interface that forces one to make many changes. By the time he is done, the geese have retired and are babysitting their grandchildren. I get the point. However, let's change the way we use the XT1 and run this scenario again.

For the girlfriend Reichmann starts with low ISO, single shot, manual focus, moderate shutter speed, matrix focusing.

Instead, how about we leave the camera's shutter on auto. Use the ISO to adjust the shutter speed. Set the aperture and metering as stated by Reichmann. Same result.

Now, we add a couple more things. How about we programme one of the buttons to continuous AF. The second is optional, but I would set the camera to 3 FPS. At this speed, I can still shoot one frame at a time if I want.

So, we're photographing the girlfriend. The geese come overhead. We whip the camera around and make one adjustment: we raise the ISO. The shutter speed goes up. We press the focus button and we're on target. Bang. Bang. Bang. The geese are in the bag.

Reichmann suggests the exposure will be wrong because we're not on spot metering. But the EVF is telling us exactly how we're exposing. The exposure adjustment is on the thumb. Spin to taste.

The point is, using the XT1 exactly as it is now and you've got geese. And this is only one possible way of using the XT1's interface to accommodate rapid photographic changes.

My main point is that if we buy a camera and demand that the camera conform to us in all ways, it will make things more appear more limiting than they are.

Still, Reichmann is right. If he shoots as he always has, the XT1 will not work for him, no matter how sexy and attractive to him it seemed at first. That seems a shame to me.

Fujifilm X-T1
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