LX7: First Pano

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Re: LX7: First Pano

AnalogJ wrote:

Peter-D wrote:

djddpr wrote:


Wow! You have certainly mastered pano's on your new LX7. Thanks for posting.

David Dollevoet

Thanks David,

Far from mastering anything, however, this little camera is a masterpiece!. I can't tell you how much I like this camera.


Agreed about this camera. I practically hit my head against the wall everytime someone says "When are they gonna update the LX7?? Bigger sensor, longer zoom!"

Question, Peter - Did you adulterate this shot at all. It's terrific. Lots of color, almost oversaturated. Excellent dynamic range.


I adjusted the WB to the warmer side (my preference) and added vibrance. I rarely add saturation but do like to adjust individual colors at times. This was an eight shot pano, hand held ( honestly, Ive never seen any better results when I've used a tripod). I create the pano in photoshop and usually all edits & cropping in Aperture3. I don't really like the interface of photoshop for quick workflow as it continues to be unnecessarily difficult to use but maybe I'm just getting old. It has it's uses but I don't often use it. I would guess the entire process took about 10-15 minutes. I should add that I only shoot raw and the raw files this camera creates do give you great dynamic range. It'd probably one of the most underused features on today's cameras.

I think the constant desire for the next latest and greatest camera is usually an excuse for not being able to produce results with the gear you presently own. Of course for the majority, actually learning about photography and learning to use what they have is not their thing. I own two cameras and some lenses for a DSLR and could conceivably never exhaust their full potential in my lifetime. I always tell my friends to get out and use their camera and spend less time lusting for another.



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