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Here's something to help soothe your tortured soul! Sometimes it doesn't pay to jump to conclusions.

Shot with the Zeiss 24-70 F4 ZA A7r

How does posting a shot taken at F11 contribute anything to the debate over how good the lens is? A) if you have to stop down to F11 to get good quality the lens is no good. B) Diffraction effects clearly start showing up at F11 on an A7R so just how bad does the lens have to be for an F11 shot to be sharper than an F8 or F5.6 shot?

Obviously you've never worked in the studio where F11 and below is standard. So here's another couple of shots that are at f5.6 with this really great lens! Could you tell me where you see diffraction in the F11 image please?

The horse picture was taken at F5.6 at 24mm. I had the face recognition set to on, which now I leave that way all the time. It picked up the horses eye perfectly. The OSS on this lens is nothing short of spectacular.

I'm not sure what you expect anybody to be able to tell about the quality of the lens when you are posting images that are 1400x934 pixels.  Seriously, those aren't even 1.5 megapixel files.  They might be the sharpest images in the world and all an independent observer would really be able to tell is that you have pretty colors.  And what shooting in the studio at F11 or below has to do with whether or not a lens is truly sharp is beyond me.  But I'm glad you are happy with your copy of the lens.  My 24-70 is still in transit.  It would be really terrific if it turns out to be a keeper.  But if it is as bad as some of the more careful testers have suggested, well that is what a 30 day return policy is for.

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