Pull the trigger or wait? D800

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Re: Pull the trigger or wait? D800

Event_shooter wrote:

There are certain products that come along and hold up even though other products come after. Like the VW bug, if you bought one and the next 7 models came out your still good. Like the Mac pro, I bought top of the line in 2008 and it served me well till 2014 and I never missed a beat.

The D800 is one of those products. I got the D800e and the D4 at the same time, soon sold the D4 as the D800e was so much better for me.

I'm wondering really what could Nikon come out with that would make me want to upgrade. The D4 didn't do it. The D4s didn't do it, the d600 didn't etc. Canon didn't come out with anything to make me switch, Sony didn't. So I'm here with my D800E still very very happy.

The D800 is one of those products that will still be a viable competitor for years and years and years.

I think the D800 is a bargain for what you get for the price.

Buy it, shoot with it, you will never regret it.

I could not agree more with the above The D800 is the best camera body I have used since going digital about ten years ago. I got hold of mine a couple of weeks after release, never missed a beat and no problems with it at all since.

Yes there could newer models coming along with perhaps bigger MP than 36 and even faster frame rate. But right now its worth every penny. I think you could call it a classic



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