Is image stabilization really the stuff?

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Re: Danny: the curious case of the EF 300/4L IS

nzmacro wrote:

Keit ll wrote:

I have grown tired of the arguments against IBIS , mainly coming from people who have never used a camera which has it. The fatuous point that it doesn't stop movement was only an issue which confused Sony's Marketing Department in the past , not actual users!

Sony seem to have given up on IBIS & quite frankly I have now given up on Sony ....... It's still provided for some A-mount cameras but how much longer they will be around is anyone's guess ? It's interesting how the arguments against IBIS in the NEX's seem to be forgotten when talking about the A-mounts.....

The confusion over IBIS in Sony cameras have caused a mess with 3rd party lens suppliers who used to offer ILIS but who , apparently , were persuaded by Sony to drop it because some users didn't know how to switch it off.

Sony themselves were too lazy to incorporate a sensing mechanism which disabled IBIS when an active ILIS lens was mounted - I expect the necessary software programming was beyond their capabilities ?

I've had 5 cameras (including the NEX-7) with OIS and you are right, you can turn them off and that's exactly what I did Did I try it, yes sure did. IBIS I would also turn off and its fairly easy really, the camera instructions tell me to turn it off under the conditions I shoot in and those I shoot with choose to turn it off for what they take. Sports and bird shooters have different needs, high shutter speeds.

So for a lot of us, we do realise the issue, but also understand why a lot want it. IMO the best thing Sony could do, is to out IBIS in the E mount's. That solves the whole issue for sure. Its when others tell us that don't need that we do need it.

If I needed IBIS, I would never have bought a NEX. Its a bit like people moving next to the airport here and then complaining about the noise Don't do it.

All the best and its just not something I need.


Thanks Danny . I did I know that IBIS was not fitted when I bought my NEX 7 but thought that maybe I was wrong about needing it but discovered that I was right ! The matter has resolved itself for me as damage has rendered my N7 irreparable. It is a good test of a camera that when that happens do you replace it with the same camera or try something else ? The problem that I now have is that such a camera does not exist. The Olympus OMD M1 comes closest but I am not sure that it has the resolution to keep me happy.

I want a stabilised lightweight compact to compliment my A900 but would consider a Sony 7r but the lack of suitable lenses & some other issues makes me hesitate. I hope that while I am waiting some other development may fit my requirements, problem is I might not last that long !

The Fuji XT-1 with three good quality stabilised zooms would be OK for a while but , as a pensioner,  I'm not that well supplied with money that I can afford to experiment again without being sure. 

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