G6 vs newest sensors: Real difference in high ISO noize

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Re: G6 vs newest sensors: Real difference in high ISO noize

I had a GH2 (and a G5 for a short while), and currently have an EM1 and a GM1. The GH2 was not very good at high ISO, and, while the G5 was better, it still had less detail, less good color saturation, and more luminance noise than either the EM1 or the GM1 at ISOs over about 800. I assume the G6 is a little better than the G5, but it's still essentially the same sensor with with the same limitations.

I would never shoot above 800 with the G5 and expect to get really excellent results, but with the GM1, I have been very surprised at how good the IQ is at 800 and even 1600 even when examined critically. Things have indeed improved in real world use with the most recent generation of sensors...

Below is a photo of a tulip I took today with the GM1 at ISO 1600. There is just no way I could have expected this kind of detail and color saturation with the G5 sensor at that ISO. The second photo was at ISO 800, and the detail is excellent at that value.

Of course, both of these were taken in daylight, so there will be more noise in very low light situations, but I think you can get an idea of what this newer sensor can do without much work out of camera.


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