Is image stabilization really the stuff?

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Re: Danny: the curious case of the EF 300/4L IS

Keit ll wrote:

I have grown tired of the arguments against IBIS , mainly coming from people who have never used a camera which has it.

I agree that Sony's IBIS worked fine.  I've got 1/20 shots at over 300mm that are only slightly blurred, for example.  I wouldn't recommend doing it on purpose, but if conditions are that marginal, every bit helps.  I've gotten good results with the Nex OSS, though, probably better than IBIS, but I was pretty happy with A-mount IBIS.  It did work.

The fatuous point that it doesn't stop movement was only an issue which confused Sony's Marketing Department in the past , not actual users!

Any IS doesn't stop subject movement, and is an issue sometimes.  Other times, it is beside the point.  Not every feature is applicable to every situation!

Sony seem to have given up on IBIS & quite frankly I have now given up on Sony ....... It's still provided for some A-mount cameras but how much longer they will be around is anyone's guess ?

Haven't people been saying things like this ever since Sony took over A-mount?  Maybe people were saying that about Minolta for a while before that, I don't know!  If Sony has given up on IBIS, have they removed it from A-mount cameras?  Or do you mean that they have not upgraded it?  I found it perfectly usable in the old A100.

It's interesting how the arguments against IBIS in the NEX's seem to be forgotten when talking about the A-mounts.....

I would not object to IBIS in Nex if it were a no-cost (or very low-cost) option.  If it made the camera a lot bigger or made the video overheating issue worse, then it probably wouldn't be worth it either; there are other "costs" involved.  But sure, in theory, I'd rather have both IBIS and OSS, and have it automatically pick one.

The confusion over IBIS in Sony cameras have caused a mess with 3rd party lens suppliers who used to offer ILIS but who , apparently , were persuaded by Sony to drop it because some users didn't know how to switch it off.

Sony themselves were too lazy to incorporate a sensing mechanism which disabled IBIS when an active ILIS lens was mounted - I expect the necessary software programming was beyond their capabilities ?

I wonder if the A-mount can't detect if OS is on?  If the signal is not there, it's not there.  Otherwise, I agree, it s should auto-switch, ideally.

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