About to buy a camera, questioning K-5ii vs. K-3 IQ difference?

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Re: About to buy a camera, questioning K-5ii vs. K-3 IQ difference?

SBS wrote:

My reasons over the K3:

– It's a classic camera with so many things going for it, such as the dynamic range you mentioned (The recovery capabilities of underexposed photos is astonishing. See - http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3576245)

– The resolution performance of the s version is not that far behind the K3 at normal viewing.

– The noise performance is better.

– Low light focusing capability (same as K3).

Hi SBS. FYI, that link does not work.

These are all of the main reasons why I am drawn to the K-5ii(s). I am trying to decide if I want the 's' version or not. I have been looking at the Flickr galleries and both are amazing. The both have the DR, or whatever it is that I like about pentax images, that I think is important I am trying to figure out If I need the AA filter. I do not know how many fabrics, (animal) furs, or architectural pictures I will be taking.

I remember reading the K-5ii(s) reviews last year and several of them seem to be comparing it to full-frames instead of crops. I think the only crop is/was the D7100. So, that shows how good the model is despite being upgraded a year later.

...Therefore, the price difference will allow you to buy another lens. And while you are learning on this camera, you will get a better understanding of your needs, and there will be more new cameras coming out that you may decide fit them better.

Yes. Although, right now, B&H has a K-3 bundle for just under $1300 ($200 more than body-only pricing on other sites) that includes the 50mm f/1.8 lens, Battery grip, and 32gb SDHC card. Supposedly the bundle is worth $443 knocking the actual price down to $850-900ish for the body and narrowing the price difference to about $100-150 of a new K-5iis.

Would the K-5ii(s) be easier to learn on???

My reasons over the Canon 70D:

...It's not that the Canon photos aren't sharp, but Canon has programed its cameras for an overall pleasing impression. Their colors are warm and engaging, and their exposures are excellent. Pentax colors (in the natural setting, and shooting raw) are more natural, and the dynamic range is excellent...

Yes, I love Canon colors but the Pentax images (color or b&w) just seem to have a much more 3D (hopefully that is not a Cannon camera model) quality to them. I did notice that images taken with a Sigma zoom lens on 40 & 60Ds have much more depth than regular Canon zoom lens. Even the Canon FFs seem to rank worse on Dxo than these 3 Pentax cameras when it comes to DR

I went through Nikon D5300 and D7100 galleries on Flickr to compare because those are the only crops that compete for DR and color depth. The DR is great but it just seems harsh/bright. The depth of the pictures seems to be negatively affected by it IMHO. I am not an expert in this area but it appears Pentax has both of these companies beat for rendering depth to the pictures.

– Pentax lenses are very good to excellent. Obviously, Canon has excellent lenses too. But look at the price differences and you can see that you will get more bang for your buck with Pentax.

Yeah, I am trying to research what lenses are best. I know I want to buy a couple of primes to cover the main range of distances for my interests (20-ish, 50ish, and 100ish I am guessing) The above bundle (if I buy the K-3) has the 50mm 1.8, but samples of the 55mm 1.4 look way better. No clue regarding zooms yet.

– The green button. I shoot almost exclusively in manual and this button is one of the reasons why.

No clue what that is yet but heard it mentioned in reviews though. i am sure I will learn soon.

That's all I have. Good luck on your decision. You can't really be wrong anyway you go.

Thanks for the great input.

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