Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

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Re: Wiggle room

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The Pentax will give you lots of wiggle room - in the viewfinder. That IBIS stabilizes the sensor but leaves you and the camera's sensors (AF and metering and of course the viewfinder) with an un stabilized jittery image.

LOL, are you still on your one-man campaign? You've been discredited every time you spew this nonsense.

We shoot Pentax and don't agree with you. We should know, we have experience, on Sigma teles with ILIS, and Pentax teles with IBIS. You're a Canon shooter, you have no experience with IBIS. As you've been told, over and over, if there is shake in the OVF, brace yourself before taking the shot, don't rely on image stabilization to rescue you.

IBIS stabilizes the relationship between the lens and sensor. The idea that metering will be impacted is absolute poppycock. ROTFLMAO!

Thanks I thought it was just me. It is some strange urban myth . Please someone stop the nonsense about IBIS and how crazy the shake is in the viewfinder and how metering will fail because it will work on part of the picture in the shake that won't be there in the final result . What the hell. Possibly if you are spot metering and you are moving around a bunch , but then that would have nothing to do with IBIS. If you use a tripod - which you would if you are using a monster telephoto on your super expensive African safari shoot with sir Thom - then you turn off IBIS. Are we so sure Thom (Tom?) Hogan said that? He uses Olympus too and it has great 5 axis IBIS .

Warning off topic Rant - You know Tom Hogan is okay, until he just completely shoots down Pentax and the other smaller camera makers. He continually tries to make predictions, pats himself on the back when he is right and of course rarely mentions when his wrong such as the continual prediction that Pentax will go away. His latest article states that only Ricoh knows why they took on Pentax, because it makes no sense at all. He had said that Pentax has the most complete crop sensor lens lineup and bashes Nikon for not doing so and he also called the Pentax K-3 the Nikon D400. Yet from a business standpoint he only sees the duopoly of Canon and Nikon. We get it Thom, no kidding. And yes Pentax has been saved twice, but it appears that Ricoh is happy to save it and spend money on it too. He has pointed out that Ricoh is so huge that Pentax is like a nice hobby for them. So why is he so upset that Ricoh has not thrown out Pentax? Because he like others including dpreview hate Pentax - it annoys them, because to them it has always been inferior and they cannot think of it any other way despite all the facts before them. Pentax has made the perfect APS-C camera in the K-3 yet these guys still discount it because Pentax is small. Insane, really nuts. So screw the experts!- Rant over

Sort of off the subject here; I am under the impression that Hoya made an aggressive bid to buy Pentax in order to secure the medical optics tech in order to strengthen Hoya's own medical divison. Or am I way off on that? As I understand it, Pentax was under pressure from their leading shareholder(s) to accept the bid?

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