canon 6d vs Nikon d610 choice

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Re: Having tried them both

jkdlee03 wrote:

This is a very good, detailed comparison of the two cameras, and I recommend it as well. He also has another video comparing the Canon 70D and the Nikon D7100:

What is particularly useful about the above video is the blind A/B test starting at minute 23, where he compares Canon vs. Nikon skin tones in portraits. He presents a sequence of portrait pairs (one from each camera), and you select A or B. He reveals the answers at the end. In every single instance, my chosen portrait turned out to have been from Canon, so there is a very clear difference between the two manufacturers in terms of how they render skin tones in their JPEG engines. You might find that useful.

Having owned both the 6D and the D600, my recommendation is for the 6D for both image quality and ergonomics.

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