Needing a long zoom

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Chips Pringle
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Re: Needing a long zoom

With a TC-14, 280mm at f/5 (3.5). Through a double pane window, handheld.

With TC-14, 280mm at f/5 (3.5). Same conditions as above.


Hi Chris, I would definitely miss the f/2.8 because I shoot between 2.8 and 4 a lot with the 70-200. I shoot a lot of indoor sports at f/2.8-3.5. I use a TC-14ll with it for a lot of things. There is very slight image degradation with the TC that I can notice at 100% magnification but the lens is so sharp anyway it's not objectionable. It is way sharper with the TC than any of the zoom x-300s at the long end even wide open. The 70-300 is the best of the 300 zooms but it is soft at infinity at the long end.
If I didn't use it so much at f/4 and wider I would look at the 70-200f/4. You use what you can afford and make do, that's how it is. If I could afford a long tele or the 200-400 I would buy one in a minute for birding but for backyard shooting what I have is just fine. With the resolution of the D800 you have the luxury of being able to crop some for reach,

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Thanks for passing along your wisdom. I haven't given much thought to a converter/magnifier. Good point.

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