Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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Sucks?..... Who sucks really? :)

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This is well thought out and delves into what is sufficient-

Kirk's site-

Quote (re M4/3) " And while the adaptation rate in the U.S. (lower education standards than most of the rest of the world) has been slow many parts of the world are snapping them up and eroding market share of the conventional mirrored digital cameras."

I'm an Aussie (most intelligent species in the world!) and even I'm offended by his attitude.

Regards.... Guy

I am an American, and regrettably he is correct, IMO.

Though his statement about the sub-par education standards in this country is indeed true, it has no correlation with or relation to the lack of adoption of m43 cameras. Stupid statement indeed.

It might be an oversimplification in the sense that you only need to read this forum to understand how low the education standards and the cultural interest in photography are.

This is nothing new and is true of other countries. In Asia they were quicker to grasp the true advantages of mirrorless, which are WYSIWYG for composition AND small size.

How many in this forum understand the advantage for composition in their grabbing frenzy?

Do they even have any notion of composition and perspective left in their bokeh blindness? (Stuff which became oudated even a century ago)

Many enlightened bloggers share Kirk's opinion because the gear inflation is killing photography learning, simpler gear being better to experiment with the basics.

This is so evident that aspiring Pros in 2012, according to Petapixel, for the first time spent more money on courses than in gear.

Commercial photography has devoured all nonetheless, and Photoshop run wild, ruining many if not all genres.

Isn't it the effect of v. low education standards and unchecked consumerism?

So it is down to a few individuals to try to keep the standards high. And to do this you must use the leash sometimes.


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