A55 -> A65 upgrader – jpeg vs. RAW

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Re: A55 -> A65 upgrader – jpeg vs. RAW


I've been shooting JPG with my A65 since it first came out. I too have a number of Sony lenses and have been enjoying the built in lens profiles. I have found the JPG's to be very good to excellent.

But I've been wanting to get into RAW processing and just bought DxO Optics Pro 9. It has correction profiles in it for ALL my lenses and cameras and does the same corrections I have been getting with the in-camera JPG's but it applies them to my RAW files. It's great !

The A65 is a wonderful camera. I still get awed by the results from it on almost every shoot. Sony would would have to come out with a bomb of a new A-mount camera for me to move from the A65. I just find it's controls and features help me a lot to make the pictures I want.  I am also extremely pleased with my Sony lenses.

Life is good, Chris


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