Is image stabilization really the stuff?

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Re: Is image stabilization really the stuff?

cosmonaut wrote:

When I got my first camera with image stabilization I was amazed, a Olympus 510. I swore I would never own another camera without stabilization. But now the longer I do this the less I use or need it. I almost never find myself in a situation I need it.

When I am shooting landscapes it's always in low light and I am 100% on tripod. When I am shooting wildlife I can push the ISO so high and still maintain good image quality and sharp images without it on.

The high ISO capabilities of the newer Sony cameras has all but eliminated my need for image stabilization. I can see it with the a77 or the NEX cameras as they suffer some in the high ISO area. But I have read so many post complaining the a7/7R doesn't have it in body it's the deal breaker for many.

When I had the E-M1 it was a must as 1600 ISO was my limit for except able results. So how much do you really need it and for what? If I can shoot 8000 ISO I can honestly say I don't need it.

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We are all different. Some want it, some need it and some couldn't care less. Heck you already know there is an entire forum here at DPR that can't live with out it !! Not that most would actually know.

I would find it too restrictive in the shutters speeds it probably helps in. I use fast shutter speeds or a tripod. Macro I use only flash, so again it would be turned off. So for me personally, it might as well be a a brick. It would be the first thing I turned off and AF would be next.

So lets say at certain shutter speeds that IBIS gives you an extra 2-4 stops (so some might say), how many stops does a tripod give you in that case ??

The guys I shoot with use long fast AF OIS Canon lenses, out of nine only one I can think of uses OIS, the rest all turn it off, however Brian does leave his on with the 100-400mm. So they would treat IBIS exactly the same, it would be off. A lot of us just don't fall into the category that IBIS could be useful. Would I use IBIS at 1/250- 1/4000, nope, would I use IBIS at under a couple of seconds, nope. Would I use it with flash, nope. So it is rather limited in its use. Some would love it just the same and fair enough as well.

All the best Greg and yep, if you asked in a certain forum here, its the best thing since sliced bread


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