Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

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Re: Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

Having used Lightroom and Photoshop for a couple of weeks and have done pretty much all there is to do I can still say I am impressed with both programs and I feel it was worth the cash over Elements.

There is some room for improvements for both programs though:

1) Key-wording isn't as easy as it should be with LR 5.3.  When you hover over the icon on a picture that indicates a photo is tagged it says "this photo has a tag".  What a useless piece of information. When you hover over a tag icon it should show a balloon with the tags present on the picture.  This is obvious Adobe .... just fix it.  Currently you have to scroll though the left keywords panel just to confirm you tagged a picture properly.

2) When you are importing scanned pictures LR has no easy way to change the date from the scan date to the actual photo date.  Yes you can go though the menus, but LR really needs a hotkey for this feature or better yet just click on the date to change the date.

3) Why doesn't Photoshop have Blacks and Whites sliders like LR5.3.  Honestly, I can usually get the look I want just by messing with those two ... no curves required.

4) In the left metadata panel sometimes capture date, or any date just disappears depending on the picture source .... annoying but you can always edit date from the menu bar.

5) Why isn't there a handle to close all keywords you have expanded in the keyword panel.  If you have a lot of keywords this is almost a necessity.

There are many others issues but they are more a matter of work style than functionality.

Where PS/LR shines:

1) On first use I thought the content aware heal tool was crap in LR, but once you learn its strengths it becomes useful.  It is no replacement for heal and clone in PS though.

2) Heal and clone seem to work much better than in Elements.

3) I get angry looking back at all the crippling in Elements ... many tasks are much easier in PS and not only the automated ones.

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