For GX7 users -- what do you like/not like

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Re: For GX7 users -- what do you like/not like

I love my GX7.  I've read through this thread looking for things that ring a bell that bug me. I didn't find many.

One is the weak WiFi.  Remote shutter release via WiFi seems to only work 10 to 15 feet, and even then not consistently.  That's not good enough for many times I would want to use it, so I'll stick with my aftermarket radio remote shutter release.  I do like the ability to transfer photos via WiFi to my phone.

I too often accidentally move the focus point via the touch screen.  I put this down to user error, though, something I have to pay more attention to avoiding.  I am paying more attention to where the focus point is before I shoot and moving it to the desired location if I've accidentally shifted it.  The positive side of being able to so easily move it by touch outweighs this negative, so like I say, it's not really a flaw in the camera.

For me that's about it.  There are some other features that would be nice, like video IS, auto ISO in manual mode, if the built-in flash could click into a tilted position (like on the GX1), but they're not a big deal to me.  I don't shoot much video, and when I do I'd rather use an external recorder than stick an external mike on the camera, so the lack of a mike input doesn't bother me.

Panasonic got a LOT of things right with the GX7, easily overwhelming any nits that I can find to pick with it.

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