Getting really excited about a77 II

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Re: Getting really excited about a77 II

tbcass wrote:

1,000,000 mp. Perfect no noise photos with no loss of resolution up to iso 100,000,000, DR 1000 times better than reality. Auto focus instantly and perfectly on anything you want just by thinking about it. 10,000 fps burst with infinite buffer. Comes with 1,000,000,000 terabyte memory card at no extra cost. A trillion megahertz 1,000,000,000 core processor computer built into the camera with 100" 100k monitor. A 1mm-100,000mm f .0001 zoom lens so sharp that it actually out resolves the 1,000,000 mp sensor. No viewfinder as it transmits images directly to your brain and no controls as it responds to your thoughts. All this for $99.99 and it fits in the palm of your hand. Hey, if you're going to build up your expectations only to be disappointed why not go all the way.

You people will never learn will you?

Don't forget that they are changing their name to Sanon!

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