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Re: f2.8 zooms

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And honestly, m4/3 and other mirrorless cameras have just recently become competitive performance wise to DSLRs. Especially the progress in focusing.

Not when value-for-money enters the equation.

I switched to M43 forthe size and weight advantages, and then only because of worsening arthritis. Dollar for dollar Canon and Nikon DSLRs offer better performance.

This completely depends on what you need. SLRs do some things better, like predictive AF, and apsc/FF have higher resolution. But, perhaps you don't shoot action. Perhaps you don't print large. I personally tend to crop a lot as my shots are not always planned out, but i find 16mp more than enough. If new models offer more i will take it, but it's not like im complaining now. I would much rather have cdaf without worry of BF/FF, i would much rather have peaking in my VF. I would much rather have no vibration in my camera, and a shutter that will last a million shots instead of 100k. These are the things i would sacrifice if i jumped to Canikon and left my GX7.

I totally get size and weight are a big benefit for some, but there are far more benefits than just that. If you are not aware of the others, that's too bad. The only reason i would switch to a DSLR is if top notch predictive tracking was a MUST.

I do not think you understood my comment.

What I said is that DSLRs offer better value-for-money, not that they are "better" than M43. Having switched I would not go back to DSLRs. I know that I am paying a premium for the size and weight reduction, and am content to do so.

One of the big attractions of m43 for me was the availability of f2.8 zooms for about 1/3 the cost of FF equivalents. In my book, that's better value for money.

Hrmm... I'm not seeing that. My DSLR 2.8 Sigma standard zoom (17-50) with OIS was only $500. There is nothing in the m43 line that has those specs for anywhere near that price. Well, unless you plan to buy a fuji x-e1 (only $800 WITH that stellar 2.8-4 lens).

I'm personally waiting for companies like sigma to start shaking things up in this space to get more lens competition going. Though with my luck they'll probably make an APS-C sized Foveon mirrorless interchangeable camera.

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