Second day with the X-Vario

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Second day with the X-Vario

Today was DNG day! And indoor AWB day! And ISO 1600 day! And skin tone day! With a couple of exceptions in the AWB department, the XV passed the AWB and skin tone tests with flying colors. ISO 1600 on the XV looks like ASA 25 on my M9, really very impressive.

I entered our local museum with some weird, throw-away settings: 1/2000th of a second on the shutter speed dial, and A on the aperture dial. Then I reversed the whole thing: A on the shutter speed dial, f5.6 on the aperture dial. ISO set to auto (bracketing between 1/30 and 1600). I had no idea what the camera would do to override my settings, but it kept up a good face through these trials and tribulations, and cranked out some very decent results. I still keep hitting darn buttons and toggles and pulleys and levers when I most certainly don't want to, and the S setting (for single shot) miraculously went into C (continuous) on a couple of occasions as well. Playback and Menu do NOT automatically switch to the big screen when the EVF is deployed and active, which I personally find rather silly, but maybe some folk here see more sense in the way it's set up than me. AF speed, well, not exactly snappy, but so far very accurate. Not dead accurate, I had some green confirmation boxes and beeps and still the picture wasn't sharp in focus at all, on two instances, out of 200 shots so far, but that's alright, probably a combination of my bad and the XV being annoyed with something, I'm not pulling my hair out over this sort of thing.

Some samples from today (all ISO1600 except the young lady in the last one):


Detail of a 16th century knight's armor (macro setting)

Life time bust of Lafayette (some funky processing on this one)

African mask

Mask from Java (AWB was a bit of fail on this one, required some work in post)

Young lady of 84 (skin tone test)

All these samples (and more) can be seen on my XV sample site at

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Photographic collections at

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