Why no D800 M-RAW equivalent to Canon?

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Re: Why no D800 M-RAW equivalent to Canon?

coronawithlime wrote:

...Pure speculation on my part: My take as to why it doesn't seem to be on the mainstream wishlist for many D800 owners is that possibly the bulk of them purchased the camera precisely because of the large files. The idea of having a camera capable of producing large files, for some I would think, is contrary to the idea of ignoring a portion of the sensor output to produce a smaller RAW file...

I got my D800 to complement my D4. I got it because of the high MPx count.

However, if there were a way to combine pixels (probably at the hardware level for best noise handling) it would certainly broaden the utility of my D800. Right now it's a specialty body for use when I need high resolution (which is less than 25% of my photostream).

I don't want a RAW file that is produced by taking the normal RAW file and selecting appropriate pixels. That's a waste of image. I'd prefer a file that looks like a normal RAW file but takes all the available data into account.

Given the current Bayer pattern, I don't know just how that would be done. You would probably have to combine alternate rows somehow.

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