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Re: FE 24-70mm F4 OSS Here Today .. Gone Today!

This simply means - and pardon for being direct - that your expectations were really out of line.

A zoom lens with IS - priced hundreds below Canon's 24-70mm, in a smaller form factor would never be, should not be expected to be , and is not a bag of prime lenses.

So, when you get a lens, run outside, cram a tree 100 yards away into the corner of the frame at 24mm f/5.6, import into LR5, and peep at 100% / 36MP, and see less than tack sharp resolution and immediately drop the lens into the FedEx box... blame yourself. Not the lens.

If, perhaps, you look at the images for what they are worth - and the lens for what it's designed to be... you realize it's accomplished an impressive amount of good. And it is still just a zoom lens. A quite firmly above average "slowish" zoom with well-mannered OOF highlights, excellent contrast, richly saturated color, awesome OSS, impressive detail resolving power across most of the focal range, and compromises at the extremes. EXACTLY what it should be.

Lousy photo. From a middling zoom lens that is better than the other middling zoom lenses like it - but not as good at the world's best primes. Update at 11.

EDIT: I just had to add one bit in response to PaulR

Your concept of good vs. no-good reflects a perverse view and deep misunderstanding of lens performance. Meanwhile, if challenged to produce meaningful examples of compact zooms covering a full 35mm frame with corner to corner sharpness at open apertures in a similar price range - the response would be nothing but silence.

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