Is image stabilization really the stuff?

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Re: Is image stabilization really the stuff?

RonFrank wrote:

Depends on what you shoot. I think it is useless in most lenses of 100mm or wider. WHY?

You can handhold a 20mm lens to 1/15 second but the subject matter will be blurry if it is breathing. If you are shooting landscapes there may not be anything alive in the shot, but the demand for small apertures is real unless you like blurry landscapes.

The need to shoot at slow shutter speeds is generally accompanied with a tripod as hand holding at half a second is a big challenge.

Where IS or VR is useful is shooting at 200mm and hand holding at 1/100.

I shoot the 70-400mm on the a7R quite often at 5000 ISO with zero issues. I get plenty of shutter speed.

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