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Re: Am I getting one? My reasons for "not" ...

c.hammett wrote:

I am in total agreement with MarcoNero's remarks about the G1X. I bought mine partially because of his great images with it, and because of its size, lens focal lengths, IQ which I equate with images I've always gotten from my 7D /24-105, and fact that it has a flip screen which I've always preferred on a couple of other Canons I've owned.

I think most of us have a valid and very personal reason either to like the Mk II for its "improvements", or to dislike it for "stepping backwards" in some respects. I won't buy one most notably for lack of a built in VF. The G1X VF is lousy for sure, but it has saved me numerous times when the LCD was difficult to use under mid-day sun. I think the MkII's LCD screen's "tilt" is clunky looking, and the inability to flip it at some angles and turn it inward for protection are definitely deal breakers for me. The extra edge of the f2.0 really doesn't matter to me, because I've been using the G1X in low light in museums and dark cathedrals just fine. The necessity on the G1X of having to flip over to Macro to get some closer shots, (but not true Macro shots), takes all of a second or two, once you get used to anticipating the need to do that.

I guess I just wanted to put my .02 worth in here, and surrender my place in line to someone else to buy the new MkII. For all of my negatives, I will admit that the touch screen would be neat ! I do love that on the SL1 !

Cheers to all.... carolyn

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Carolyn, nice to see you get good results in dim light w the G.  Today there is another rumour of the Nikon P 8000 which looks interesting to me as well.... if the talk turns out to be true as it was w the new G.

Smaller is good for my pockets. .....IMO ..if it happens before the new G is on shelves...it will take some sales momentum from G1x2.   Competition is good for consumers; even when gear is not exactly the same .

Best wishes


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