The best IQ you can get.

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Re: The best IQ you can get.

szak1352 wrote:

Dear Telhma,
You've got a dream lens&camera combination. As you can see from the chart (source:, tested on EOS 5DMkII), the image center sharpness rocks from f/2 onwards. Except for really crytical studio images, I don't think that the difference between 3308 lines (f/2) and 3488 lines (f/5,6) is important. The sharpness of the image corner improves till f/5,6, but shooting people, we usually go for creamy bokeh at f/2, which makes the corner sharpness less imprtant.
So my point is: shoot with the 135 at any aperture between f/2-f/8 (depending the DOF you wish to create) and keep your ISO as low as possible for optimal shutter speed. Any motion blur (unless you do it intentionally) will spoil your image much more than a stop or two opened aperture.

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Be modest and polite. Shoot 135@2.

Good call. I missed the part about aperture. Most lenses sharpen up 1 to 2 stops closed from wide open and 3 sometimes.

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