How can you adjust jpeg compression in Olympus O-MD E-M1?

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Re: How can you adjust jpeg compression in Olympus O-MD E-M1?

Strawberry Pie wrote:

When I examine the jpeg output from the E-M1, I find too many compression artifacts for my tastes even at the L-SF setting. I cannot find a control for the compression other than the SF-F-N settings. Is there any other control for jpeg quality other than that, in the camera itself? Ideally, I would like to use the equivalent of 0% compression and 100% quality. I don't care about image size.

I know I can shoot raw and produce jpegs from that using external software, but the software I prefer to use (Apple Aperture) does not currently fully understand the Olympus raw file settings. (Yes, I could use Olympus' software to convert the raw to jpeg, but this would greatly increase time and complexity in the workflow.) Thus, I'm looking for a way to optimize the jpegs from the camera itself, if at all possible.

Thanks for any help.

I doubt that there's compression artifacts as there is little difference (maybe a pixel or two) in the fine and super fine output. What you are probably seeing is sharpening issues (that increases noise) and nasty edge haloes that appear even when sharpening is at -2. I have abandoned jpegs from the camera for that reason, I prefer my own sharpening in post from the RAWs.

The only way to get clean jpegs/tiffs is to use a RAW developer. My current one is AfterShot Pro (was Bibble) but sadly is tragically slow to update for new cameras. May be a long wait for E-M1/10.

So keep taking RAWs and wait until one day that Adobe and Corel wake up that there's new cameras being sold.

Regards..... Guy

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