The K3's 1080 video interlaced format.

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Re: The K3's 1080 video interlaced format.


Hi guys,

Whilst scouring internet for details of the new K3, I came across a utube-video that stated that in video mode there is a high frame rate 1080 mode at 60fps but it is an interlaced format as opposed to a P ( progressive) format. Reading about the differences between the two formats it appears that, at normal frame-rate, 24fps, progressive format produces two identical complete images every 1/30(approx) and as such has a less fluid motion,but the two repeated images are complete images(visually higher quality), interlaced however, produces twice as many images, but they are incomplete, skipping every other horizontal line which is filled in with the following image producing a more fluid result at the expense of IQ.

Relating this to a practical usage, when filming in 1080i mode 60fps, to use as slow motion in play-back( half-speed), does this mean we will have only 15 complete images per sec. although shown as 30 half interlaced images per second?

Has anybody any experience with 1080i and 1080p formats who could shine some light on the subject?

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If you want high-quality slow motion, you really need to shoot 1080p/60. This will give you twice as many full frames. Also, if you shoot interlaced and then do PP, the difference is even more pronounced. For example, with 1080p/60 you can slow a sequence down to about 20% of normal speed and still get very good quality. If you have shot interlaced, the quality will not be as good. And if you need to capture frames you will see an even greater difference--frame captures will have very bad artifacts. I found all this out the hard way after listening to some very bad advice on the subject. (The other bad advice: always shoot AVI if you're going to edit. I will never again shoot AVI, period.)

I recently moved from pure photography to hybrid, and for that reason I sold my K-5, passed on the K-3, and bought a GH3, which is great for the purpose and has 1080p/60. Also looking at Nikon D3300, D5300 (believe it or not, the D3300 has some advantages, including much better RAW burst depth), Fuji X-T1 (but only if Fuji comes out with a promised long-range telezoom this summer) and Sony a6000 (ditto).

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