Best photo editing software?

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Photoshop vs. LR

"best" photo editing software is a tricky term here. I spent years getting really good at Photoshop and snubbed LightRoom for a few years. Then I got a deal on it and decided for some reason to give it a try. Within a half year I stopped using Photoshop altoghether. No, LR is not "better," can do a fraction of what PS can, but the way it integrates into my photo workflow is great. What I actually did was change how I shoot to accomodate the limitations of LR -- no shooting things with complicated stuff that had to be removed, not shooting things that required complex masking and adjustments etc. etc... But in the end, as I had already realized from my film days, really good photographs just print themselves... if you are relying on heavy manipulation and complex adjustments, something is wrong... time is better spent moving on to a photo that is good with a snap of your shutter. There are infinite photos that you can take, why waste your time with a photo that is going to be difficult to make good?

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