Why no D800 M-RAW equivalent to Canon?

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Re: Why no D800 M-RAW equivalent to Canon?

This option seems to be talked about quiet a bit. And the idea of a smaller RAW file being available on demand sounds tempting. Perhaps very useful for some.

Pure speculation on my part:  My take as to why it doesn't seem to be on the mainstream wishlist for many D800 owners is that possibly the bulk of them purchased the camera precisely because of the large files. The idea of having a camera capable of producing large files, for some I would think, is contrary to the idea of ignoring a portion of the sensor output to produce a smaller RAW file.

I certainly wouldn't want to extrapolate what I want in a camera to be what the majority wants, but if the feature were available I probably wouldn't use it. The large files cause me no issues and I don't shoot subjects that require a high frame rate. I have no storage issues. Not to say others might not want more versatility from the camera, but should I need those capabilities I have other bodies.

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