Having trouble picking 2nd camera. Considering D800. Need advice.

Started Mar 4, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Of course I did not tell all...

Said D4 was too big/heavy for personal use. What I really meant was too big/heavy if I was going to add second body to the bag. AND I do want to add a second body. When I am with family and friends, my focus is much more on them, so I do not want to stop to change lenses. Also travel on business to some places that I am OK taking camera in and out of bag, but not so OK standing on street changing lenses. Would like to have two bodies with a zoom on both and one or two other lenses max along with a flash or two. The two lenses that are on need to be able to handle a variety of things including reasonable ability to throw the background out of focus when I want (not the crazy full frame 1.4 creamy background, but some...). The other thing is there are times when the bag will bake in the car and times when it will be somewhat at risk (not alone on a park bench, but in a conference room at an industrial plant or in a hotel room). I do not want to risk the 4 and most of my fx lenses in these ways.

I may have found a solution. I just learned about the Sigma 18-35 constant 1.8 zoom for APS C (Nikon DX). So it is a 28-50 equivilant with enough dof control for this kit.  could put it on one D7100 body and the 70-200 4.0 on the other. Then maybe add a 50 1.4 and 8 am set.

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