Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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I agree

I sporadically read Kirk's blog. He brings an interesting perspective. Sort of a gear geek but a gear geek who approaches gear from the perspective of how does it help him as a professional photographer. A certain level of technical performance is probably a requisite for making great photos. But there are millions and millions of technically excellent but boring photos. That would include most of the photos I take. IMO, composition, light, subject matter, color, etc. far and away trump things like lines of resolution, high iso pixel level noise, and dynamic range. Those things we talk about as IQ. I've seen lots of great photos that are grainy, or noisy, or which aren't tack sharp; they're great photos because of the emotional response they produce when we view them. We are blessed with so many wonderful cameras that do amazing things. And yes our cameras are better than we are. Now there are probably folks with special technical needs. If I was much of a sports shooter I wouldn't shoot the m43, just think there are better tools, but the new m43 cameras sure as hell beat the hell out of my first SLR, a Pentax Spotmatic, as a sports camera. If I was printing at 20 X 30 or larger, I'd get a FF, but I've not printed bigger than 14 x 11 for a while. People would be much better off picking cameras that worked for them ergonomically and then focusing on improving their eye and technique. That's my take, at any rate.

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