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Re: Best photo editing software?

dbelling wrote:

I have never purchase photo editing software, but I would like to try it rather than using whatever comes free with a camera. I have a Mac computer, so what would work best with a Mac? I have read pros and cons for Apple's Aperture, Adobe's Lightroom 5 and Elements, but what works best with a Mac? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

David B

I use Aperture as my organizer and RAW converter and Pixelmator as my image editor. I used iPhoto before Aperture. First of all, $79 for Aperture is a very gentle price. The RAW file support is 3-4 months behind that of Lightroom, so it might not be a good choice if you like the very latest cameras, but generally iPhoto/Aperture does a very good RAW file conversion. I would say better than Panasonic's JPEG engine. However, I don't think it does better than Olympus, and so you might still need to export things to Olympus Viewer from time to time, and then Aperture gets used more of as a photo jukebox, so to speak. Where Aperture wins against Lightroom, in my mind, is its organization. It does a fantastic job of organizing your files. Lightroom does a good enough job of RAW conversion, a bit better than Aperture in my general experience, but I don't think it's as good as Olympus Viewer, so go figure. So even if Aperture can't handle your RAW files yet, it's still a capable organization system that keeps your RAW+JPEG files together until one day, it does support them.

Pixelmator, meanwhile, is a nice cheap program that actually acts like a proper Mac OS X application. Something that GIMP never did.

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