Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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Re: Unnecessary....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Kirk Tuck wrote:

facts is facts mate.

True, it is the truth, but it is unnecessary in the context.

The true reason why larger cameras to M4/3 are preferred in USA (and even now in China) is the common belief that "bigger is better" in those countries. It's zero to do with education standards.

Regards...... Guy

I read the gist of Kirk's article as that most reasonable quality cameras used intelligently and within their original design parameters are more than ample for user needs today. It is an over-capitalisation situation driven by marketing and festered by ourselves on forums where we get endless pleasure from discussing what new gear might improve our photography. I remember clearly being very impressed by images shown in a magazine taken by an excellent pro photographer using a D30 (not a 30D) with a 3mp aps-c sensor about 13 years ago. I doubt if it would have seemed any better on the very latest and greatest today.

I gave up on the dslr churn at the 5D and have found no need to own a MkII or MkIII.

Much of the lower sales of MILC type camera might be explained by a longer retention rate as the photo-making public also decides that their present camera doe not need to be replaced as often.

In the US a deep core of conservatism might also be another reason why dslr bodies remain popular and dslr sales in general are holding up as improving wealth and living standards in many Asian countries convince many to adopt that "proper dslr camera", an icon promoted by marketing to be aspired to, and now within financial reach. Not much more than a time delayed version of the same thing that makes them remain popular in the USA.

This is as much the "proper camera" symptom and a parallel to the (lack of) "good enough" feelings.

Sometimes we need to fit that pinhole or Holga lens to our cameras and go out there and take interesting images ...

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