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Re: Importance of gear ...

Gear can be important to me depending on what I'm shooting. I have a running list of things to shoot and usually know what camera I want to use for each.

When I want ultimate flexibility and ease I use my DSLR. I'm very comfortable using it and I know the results will be great. Plus I don't have to worry as much about ISO or lighting. And another bonus - I can review the images right away. My Nikon just gets out of my way and doesn't let me down.

However there are things I would only consider shooting on MF film (or even LF film) and even if I have my DSLR on me, I'll pass it up to shoot another day. For instance I'm working on shooting buildings in NYC only on Kodak Tri-X  120 film(6x6 format) using an orange filter. I would never even consider using an alternative type of gear for this project.

And then there are times when I just shoot random things when I'm walking. That's what the iPhone is for.

So yes, using the right gear is important to me.

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