Interesting article posted by Kirk Tuck...All the cameras are better than you are

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DonSC wrote:

but Canon and Nikon shooters just don't get the advantages. It's like the whole idea that a mirrorless camera might be better in some respects just doesn't compute for them. It's funny but also sad.

I think there is a lot of pride associated with purchases. Some people more than others, like to think they made the smart choice when so many others didn't. That pride is the same reason they chose that system long ago, they thought it would elevate them to new hights in competition. To admit another system is better at something is to admit they are using an inferior object, and that they might have misjudged. Psychology plays a huge part in brand choice, more than one might imagine. An interesting article HERE, when i read it i couldn't help but picture Canikon owners with massive cameras, suspended from the neck by massive neck straps.

Ive read stuff like this for years, and i try to do just the opposite. I pay no attention to fluff advertisement. I pay attention to the practical issues users and reviewers discuss. If it doesn't apply to me, i could care less. This is why the massive lens selection of Canon and Nikon doesn't sway me, i will never spend $4k on any lens. MFT has very nice lenses for good prices. If i were a pro i may feel different, but im not.

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