This shot is what convinced me to shoot in RAW (RX10)

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Re: storage concerns

sybersitizen wrote:

larsbc wrote:

aaanouel wrote:

I come from when memory (in terms of Kb) had to be well useful or collapsing the computer and have not lost the saving memory custom, LOL!

I know exactly what you mean. In fact, I think my brother still has his first hard-drive, which was an external 20MB SupraDrive for his Atari computer. Hmm...I don't think that's even big enough to store a single raw file from my RX100 II.

I started out decades ago as a bench technician for Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack, which is now having financial problems). Standard hard disk storage for their business computers at the time was a whopping 5MB.

"Business computer" and "Radio Shack" are two terms that seem so weird together.  

I do recall the first Tandy I saw in person and admiring its cassette tape data storage unit.

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