E-M10 / weatherproofing

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Re: E-M10 / weatherproofing

How much rain are you willing to stand in? I just used my E-M10 in a pretty heavy drizzle (with a non-waterproof zoom lens) and had no issues - but when it started pouring down hard I sought cover for both myself and my camera. Truth is, I have never had a "weather sealed" camera in my life (other than a underwater dive camera) and have never had one ruined by rain - I get tired of standing in the pouring rain before the camera is damaged. Your mileage may vary - if your cameras regularly get ruined in the rain, look into weather sealing. If your Mom taught you to get out of a rainstorm (or cover yourself and camera with a rain slicker - a plastic bag works for the camera) then the E-M10 (and all other modern cameras) will work fine. They are not made of sugar - just wipe off the water when you get under shelter. Frankly, if you need to ask then you probably don't need it - if your last 3 cameras were ruined by rain I doubt you would ask the question. Keep in mind that weather sealing not only costs more, but results in mushy-feeling buttons due to the little rubber gaskets...

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