System Switch - Have you done it?

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Re: System Switch - Have you done it?

BellaBull8 wrote:

Have any of you made a similar switch? I also do work with speedlights and Alien Bees strobes - anyone use those off camera with the X series?

Eager to hear back - and thanks ahead!

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Don't assume. It makes an a** out of you and me.

I use Alien Bees and White Lightning strobes with Cybersync transmitters on my X-E1 (manual exposure) in the studio with great success. I routinely shoot at F13-16 with the Zeiss Touit 32mm and see NO indicators or diffraction, and I love the film simulations.  Ive not shot so much B&W in such a long time!

My only major complaint is the flash sync of 1/180 is not an available setting-- 1/160 is the fastest I can go.  Hope Fuji will offer 1/180 as a firmware update (I see the X-T1 has a physical 1/180 X setting on the top dial as well as the PC -Sync socket, which means they are listening to their customers).

But what I'm really looking forward to is using the X100S with the AB strobes, what with its leaf shutter and ability to sync at any shutter speed!

As far as switching, I have 2 Olympus E-5s with Zuiko SHG glass that I need to keep around for the weatherproofing, the tele reach, the stellar IQ at base iso 100, and any fast action work.  But after shooting with the Fuji X-Trans APS-C, and its IQ and DR approaching that of full frame, the 4/3 sensor just can't touch the X-Trans APS-C beyond iso 400 re noise and clarity.

I will now don my flame suit in case any m4/3 fanboys are trolling this forum.  They really hate the fact the Fuji APS-C sensor is sooooo much better than the most recent 16mp 4/3rd offerings are   Plus the cost/benefit ratio is so whacked with m4/3--you just get more bang for your buck with the Fujis!  I dont know any m4/3 camera that will allow one to shoot at iso 6400, no sweat!!

IOW, the Fujifilm X-Sys cams are slowly but surely becoming the *portable* tool of choice for commercial photographers--esp the X100S and its leaf shutter.  Fuji is not quite a system, yet, but it's getting there 

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