System Switch - Have you done it?

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Re: System Switch - Have you done it?

ZTJ wrote:

The main thing is to do your best to maximize your returns if you sell your old gear. Don't take a shortcut here. Do the legwork yourself and get the most money you can and you'll feel better about the whole process in the end. And if you can't make the new system work, well, it won't be so hard to go back if you didn't lose that much to begin with.

Great advice. I spent time reviewing completed listings on ebay for all the gear I planned on selling. I learned 3 things: 1) when selling expensive photographic equipment take lots of high quality pics, ebay allows you to post a dozen; 2) include free shipping; and 3) buy it now is your friend.

A pro friend who does product photography loaned me some seamless backdrop paper and walked me through taking the pics. ebay makes setting up the ad very easy. I noticed when I buy stuff off of ebay, if I have a choice, I go with the seller that offers free shipping. ebay tries to discourage you from using buy it now, but I was unwilling to risk my stuff on a no reserve auction. Looking at the listings for used photographic gear, it seems most sellers agree with me. Selecting buy it now was the only tricky part of setting up the listing.

Ken Rockwell is not someone I would rely on for gear testing or photography pointers, but he does have a couple of good articles on buying and selling on ebay.

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