E-M1 to A7 movers: What do you miss?

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Re: I have no idea ...

Jack Hass wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

Actually, using a 1.2 lens for action shots with the A7 is surprisingly easy thanks to focus peaking and magnification (for a quick double check).....try it (oh that's right you never will).

Please, show us some action shots of you manually focusing an A7 @F1.2

. And, how do you know i will never own an A7? Perhaps one day i will do as many have done and own both systems. But then you would have to find something else to compete over.

Because in answer to

"and I will leave it there.....get back to me if you ever actually USE a A7 in low light."

YOU wrote.....

"I never will".......


I use and love both m4/3 and an A7...what is there to compete with.

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