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I understand your argument - better gear = more confidence = better photos

But I think it could lead people to think if they only had the gear that their favourite photographers use, then their photos would look the same as well.

The example of the Russian mother is most illustrative. I have been following her work for a while and I love it. I have been reading as much background material on her as possible as well to get a better understanding of how she creates those precious images. Architectural background, she can design, she can draw. She understands and manipulates light wonderfully. She designs the photos before she goes out and takes them. She worries about composition and poses her kids appropriately. She has a mental image of the scene she wishes to recreate and she methodically goes out and puts into place all the components that let her reconstruct that image. She chooses her sets intelligently and appropriately. She shoots to isolate and highlight her subjects. Then she post processes up the wazzoooo. This she freely admits to in interviews and I now see that she might be giving seminars or participating in seminars to outline her special techniques. There are already numerous threads that have been dissecting her post processing skills and they are extremely clever and very appropriate to the types of images she is trying to create.

So sure, the gear she uses gives her a very solid base to work with, but that is not what makes her photos special, it is all that other stuff that make her photos unique and hers. So I would rephrase that little equation above to be something like:

good appropriate gear + all that other stuff = good, unique photos = confidence and loop back.

In my opinion all that other stuff is what make her photos look the way they do much more so than just the choice of camera and lens.

Interesting thread though.

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