Instant savings on Pentax lenses from B&H

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Re: Instant savings on Pentax lenses from B&H

At $636.95, the price B&H is listing the DA* 55 F1.4 at is WELL BELOW the lowest price I can recall seeing it at in at least the last couple years (or since I started paying attention, and seriously considering getting an F1.4 lens again). It MAY have been less than that prior to the UPP announcement of April 1, 2012, but I don't recall. This is the first time I've seen it below about $699 since, though. It's now within $37 of the maximum price I've set to pay for one ($599). Should it get below $600 I may just have to take the leap.

By the way, when I got my K-5 in July of 2013, I paid $913 for my DA* 16-50, which became A VERY GOOD DEAL after April 1, 2012. At $896, for right now, however, B&H is beating that price. After I decided I wanted the DA*300 I had to wait and wait to catch it "on sale" and still paid a bit more than $1,100. They have IT below that now, too, and that price for the 60-250 looks pretty sweet, also.

As for the theory that Pentax is doing this to "clear inventory" because the K-3 is doing well, there could be merit to that in two ways... One, it would both reward the new K-3 purchasers AND further lock them in to Pentax. Two, assuming Ricoh IS moving forward on a FF system, it would allow them to deplete the aging inventory of a lot of APS-C-ONLY lenses -- including ALL SIX of the DA* lenses (all of which will vignette on a full-frame camera), to make way for NEW versions that are FF compatible. THAT is PRECISELY what I've been expecting them to do IF they're moving towards a FF release. For one thing...

THIRD: by selling the OLDER, APS-C-ONLY lenses to Pentax shooters who have current Pentax models which are ALL APS-C-ONLY already at a decent sale price, PRIOR to coming out with the FF lenses and camera, Ricoh/Pentax won't risk engendering nearly as much ILL WILL from its user base as it would if it continued selling those lenses at the highest price it could get for them right up until it came out with FF replacements and a FF camera. The folks who got them at "closeout prices" will still feel like they got a bargain for their APS-C cameras, and IF they decide to buy a FF Pentax, then they'll decide what to do about new lenses at that time (and consider SOME current lenses -- including two of the macros -- are already FF compatible).


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