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Re: TAMRAC 3440 rally micro bag

PINOYE90 wrote:

thank you guys for the input... i think i will order tamrac 3440 today due to its very compact and i can hold my camera with kit and zoom lens.

oldman, i really love my GX7... however, with existing kit lens 14-42 is a little bulky for my taste... I am now thinking getting the lens from GM1kit or some slim primes...

how do you like GM1? you want to trade my GX7 kit with your GM1 kit +$$$?

I found the 3440 (Rally Micro), just a little bit too small for my needs, so if you do find that, try the Rally 2.  The Micro might work very well for you if you are just taking the kit and one zoom lens, will have to try it in person to see how it does for you.


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